Spotlight on Carolyn Nephew: Navigating Trade Credit Solutions with Expertise

/ By Cowan Insurance Group

With a distinguished career spanning executive and underwriting positions at Export Development Canada and Allianz Trade Canada, Carolyn Nephew, the National Vice President of Sales for Trade Credit and Political Risk at Cowan Insurance Group, brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Carolyn's journey from underwriter to broker reflects her passion for understanding the intricacies of businesses and mitigating risks effectively.

Understanding the business inside out

Carolyn's success with clients stems from her innate curiosity about their operations and the risks they face. Drawing on her background as an underwriter, she delves deep into understanding the nuances of each client's business model. "I'm very inquisitive about how their business works and where the risks lie," Carolyn explains. This approach enables her to tailor Trade Credit and Political Risk solutions that address specific challenges and support clients' growth objectives.

Defining success through client empowerment

For Carolyn, success is not merely about securing a deal but empowering clients to thrive. "A successful client is one that has utilized our products to their advantage," she asserts. Whether facilitating sales growth or safeguarding against bad debt, Carolyn strives to position clients for success. By bridging the gap between credit departments and sales teams, she transforms the perception of Trade Credit Insurance from a risk mitigation tool to a catalyst for prudent business expansion.

From underwriter to broker—a perfect fit

While Carolyn's foundation lies in underwriting, she found her true calling as a broker due to the dynamic nature of the role. "The variety and learning opportunities make it an excellent fit for me," she remarks. Engaging with diverse companies across Canada allows her to stay abreast of industry trends and economic fluctuations. Despite surprise from underwriter peers that she would leave the Underwriter role (give up the pen!), Carolyn thrives in her role as a broker, driven by the constant pursuit of knowledge and problem-solving.

Get the protection you need for your business.

Putting clients at ease through inquiry

Carolyn's approach to client interactions is simple yet effective: she asks questions. By delving into the intricacies of each client's business, she establishes rapport and gains valuable insights. "Most people open up when you ask them about their company," she observes. This collaborative approach enables Carolyn to identify whether Trade Credit insurance is viable for the client's needs, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

Adapting to industry changes

As the industry evolves, Carolyn emphasizes the importance of interpersonal engagement alongside digital advancements. While digitization streamlines processes, she believes personal relationships remain integral to business success. "Some things are not going to change as fast as everyone thinks," she notes. By combining technological innovation with human interaction, Carolyn ensures clients receive tailored solutions that address their evolving needs.

International expansion opportunities

With contacts worldwide and extensive experience in international trade, Carolyn sees immense potential for brokers aspiring to do business internationally. She has gained insights into global trade dynamics and forged valuable connections through her involvement with organizations like the International Credit and Brokers Association (ICBA). Whether assisting Canadian companies expanding into the US market or facilitating international transactions, Carolyn leverages her network to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Looking ahead: The Credit Institute of Canada Conference

As Carolyn prepares to attend the Credit Institute of Canada conference in Halifax in June, she anticipates gaining new insights and strengthening existing relationships. From exploring emerging sales techniques to fostering connections with industry peers, Carolyn looks forward to embracing the latest tools of the trade. With each conference offering fresh perspectives and networking opportunities, she remains committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Part of a winning Trade Credit Insurance team

Carolyn Nephew exemplifies the expertise and dedication required to navigate the complexities of Trade Credit and Political Risk solutions. Through her inquisitive approach, client-centric mindset, and commitment to ongoing learning, Carolyn drives value for clients and elevates the industry. As businesses navigate an increasingly volatile global market, Carolyn stands ready to guide them toward sustainable growth and success.


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