6 myths about pet insurance

/ By Natalie Ardita (Petline)

Reposted with permission from Petsecure; originally posted on petsecure.com.

It can be hard for pet owners to hear that the best choice for their sick pet is treatment they might not be able to afford. That’s where pet insurance comes to the rescue. Pet insurance gives pet owners the freedom to do what is best for their pet without stressing over the cost, ensuring that pets stay as healthy as possible!

Here are some common pet insurance misconceptions, debunked!

6 myths and the honest truth about pet insurance

  1. Myth: Pet insurance doesn’t cover what’s needed to keep pets healthy. Truth: Pet insurance helps manage the costs of keeping pets healthy. You might be surprised at just how much is covered with a Petsecure policy. For example, Petsecure has four comprehensive plan options to choose from that include coverage for accidents, illnesses, dental and much more.
  2. Myth: I won’t get enough back. Truth: Petsecure covers 80% on eligible vet fees, including taxes! Plus, the Secure 4 plan includes coverage for annual wellness care, like yearly check-ups and vaccines, so that pet parents can provide their pets with the utmost care.
  3. Myth: Pet insurance isn’t worth the money. Truth: Accidents and illnesses happen, and when they do pet insurance can really help. There’s no way of knowing when an illness or accident will occur, but they will. With Petsecure, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to afford the best veterinary treatment available.
  4. Myth: Healthy pets don’t need pet insurance. Truth: Pet owners are prepared for emergencies when they have pet insurance. Most pet owners aren’t thinking about unexpected accidents or illnesses when their pets are young. But veterinarians know that puppies and kittens have a way of getting into accidents, and even the healthiest of pets can get sick.
  5. Myth: Pet insurance doesn’t cover certain breeds or older pets. Truth: With Petsecure, there are no age limits to the pets we insure, and breed doesn’t matter. It’s important to note that for dogs over 8 and cats over 10, we require some additional medical information to start your policy. It’s also better to purchase a Petsecure policy sooner rather than later because if something happens to your pet before you have a policy in place, it could be considered a pre-existing condition and wouldn’t be covered by any insurance provider.
  6. Myth: Veterinarians are just obligated to sell pet insurance. Truth: Veterinarians advocate for pets who cannot speak for themselves. Veterinarians are not insurance brokers nor should they be, but they do have the unique perspective of those who are on the front lines of care. Promoting the idea of pet insurance to clients means veterinarians can provide the necessary care to keep pets healthy and safe.

Common questions about Petsecure

  • Is a medical exam required to enroll in a Petsecure policy? Yes, medical exams are required within one year before the start of your policy and must be conducted annually to maintain coverage. If your dog is over 8 years old, or your cat is over 10 years old, there are some additional requirements. Contact us for more information.
  • Are pre-existing conditions covered?  No. Any condition that starts or where symptoms were showing before the policy application or within the waiting periods won’t be covered.
  • Does Petsecure offer dental coverage? We sure do. Every plan level has an annual coverage amount that can be used towards routine dental care. For all pets, there’s a six-month waiting period before dental coverage can be used.
  • Does Petsecure cover alternative therapies? Yes, we do, but a separate limit applies. When prescribed by a vet, we cover things like homeopathic treatments, stem cell therapy, laser therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture.
  • Can I continue to use my existing veterinarian? Yes. You can take your pet to any licensed vet in Canada or the United States and its territories.

Is Petsecure right for you?

Even when you give your pet the very best care possible, accidents and illnesses can still happen. Learn what’s covered by Petsecure and get a free quote today:

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